Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh My!!!!!!!

Take a listen to this over at Calvinist Gadfly!:

Ummmm, wow, I mean, what can you say? "I could demand your love I owned you twice."?????

1. God HAS demanded is love from us. [What is the first and greatest commandment?]
2. Apparently, God not only accepts double payment, but triple payment!

That statement is a total joke. Of course, what do you expect from PCC? This is a KJV only school, and these folks have even supported the work of Dave Hunt. So, I mean, the scholarship taught in this school is embarrassing to say the least.


Anakin Niceguy said...

Excellent post, PC. It stands in stark contrast to Debbie Maken's latest reply to you on her blog in the "Stewardship" post where she maintains that you are neither "Puritan" nor "Calvinist" (as if she would an expert in Reformed theology).

PuritanCalvinist said...

Well, as I mentioned to her in our discussion, she doesn't know me, she doesn't know my modivations, and hence, she has no right to make comments like that about me.

Of course, now I have something I can point people to when they ask about how to deal with these people in dialogue.