Saturday, May 19, 2007

Planned Parenthood Shows their True Colors

Boundlessline ran an article that is absolutely funny. Apparently, an 18 year old sophmore at UCLA named Rose suspected that Planned Parenthood was engaging in some illegal activity. Hence, she went undercover as a pregnant 15 year old, and told them that the father was 23.

What happened you may ask? Well, to quote the article "In the course of the conversation with a staff member, she was told to lie about her age so that there would be fewer roadblocks on her way to abortion bliss." LOL, I mean, I could not believe that this was coming out of their mouths. Apparently, she posted it on YouTube [which, convieniently, removed them], but you can still listen to the actual audio here and here.

As far as the morality of the situation, I don't think the Bible condemns Rose's actions as wrong, per se. I mean, I think that the Bible would want us to engage in such behavior, if necessary, to expose things like drug dealing, and mass murder. However, I think the question must be whether or not she had any evidence that such things were going on with PP. If you have evidence that these things were going on, then going undercover would be an appropriate, and moral way to handle the situation.

At least one lawmaker, a represenative from Ohio, said she was dismayed at the actions of PP. In fact, that very article says that PP still might not be out of the investigational woods, even if they win their lawsuit against Rose. I must say that this is an interesting looking into the minds of one of the most evil organizations in America.

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