Saturday, June 16, 2007

Theonomy on the Boundless Blog???????

Yes, that's right! I have had the opportunity of presenting the Theonomic view of ethics over on the comments section of the Boundless blog! Suzanne Hadley wrote an article a few days back talking about how a recent study showed how the death penalty actually saved lives deterring 18 murders for every execution.

As you can imagine, the Christians that did not agree with the death penalty [and there are quite a few that comment on that blog] were up in arms. However, what would happen if they were exposed to theonomy? You can find out for yourself. My first post is about 9 posts down. It began with the argument that, because Exodus 20:13 says in the KJV "Thou shalt not kill," the death penalty is thereby forbidden. I responded that it would be rather odd for God to make a commandement forbidding the death penalty, and then only a chapter later prescribe it! A man named Jethro then asked me if I believed that the laws found in Exodus 21 were valid, and...lets just say it opened up a can of worms.

However, it did give me an opportunity to present the Theonomy in an arena as popular as a Focus on the Family website. As you would expect, the responses were mixed. Some politely disagreed, but still said they had to respect the law of God as just. Others said they thought that the penal sanctions of the law were "barbaric." Read, expecially, the interaction between myself and Mark Willard, as it goes into discussions about the nature of the covenant of grace, relating to the question of whether or not the children of believers are members of the new covenant.


Jen said...

I just went through this boundless article and comments for the first time. I wanted to thank you so much for your insight and Biblical position. Lots of very strong responses to this post from different views!

It saddens me to see how much His Word is abused, and how our worldview is so affected by our culture. Thank you for making a stand for the truth, regardless of attack. Thank you also for speaking the "truth in love" (Eph 4:14-15) and not resorting to the sarcasm displayed by some.

God bless you!

PuritanCalvinist said...

Thanks for your comments, jen!

It is really great to know that there are several people who are willing to go to the Bible rather than humanism to think about these issues.

God Bless,