Friday, August 10, 2007

More Fanmail from the Mandatory Marriage Movement

This little note was left to me today over on Anakin Niceguy's blog by a man named Darren Allan. This is the man who accused me of "comparing being barren and childless to being a nerd." I have documented the irrationality of this charge before, and pointed out that I was talking about barrenness in a particular cultural setting at a particular time. The funny thing is that Mr. Allen accused Anakin's blog of misrepresenting people today. I challanged him on this absolutely hypocritical charge, and here is what he had to say:

If you are idiotic enough to compare childlessness with being a nerd, then your foolishness speaks for itself and I have no reason to misrepresent you. Your ego is just hurt that no one pays you any attention so you keep bring up stuff that happend months ago. Even if you refuse to get a wife, at least make some attempt to grow up.

Darren Allan

Again, no discussion of the issues I have raised, just pure acid from a man who is uncritically hanging on the things that Debbie Maken, Candace Watters, et al. are saying. It was funny that Ted Slater was also on the blog, and he said that it was just a matter that was between us and God. Well, when you have teachings that produce this kind of irrational emotionalism, it is not just a matter between you and God. These types of teachings have sociological implications, and Darren Allen is a perfect example of that. Here is a man that is so cavalier in his misrepresentation of me, that he has to engage in this kind of language, and engage in horrendiously hypocritical thinking in order to attack Anakin. I hope that those who care about the truth on this issue will call Darren Allan out on this.

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