Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Soverignty of God in Light of the Marriage Mandators

Most people know that one of Debbie Maken's weaknesses is her view of God and his sovereignty. Debbie Maken has one of the most man-centered views of God's sovereignty I have ever seen. In our dialogue, she just melted down when I started refuting her view of God's sovereignty, and all she could do is just say that greater minds than ours have discussed this issue, and we should not try to add what they have already done.

Now, the Marriage Mandators' worst nightmare is here. Dr. R.C. Sproul has put a dialogue online wherein he plays the "devil's advocate," and his friend and mentor, Dr. John Gerstner, responds to the issues raised by Dr. Sproul. All of the common objections raised by Arminians and Marriage Mandators are raised by R.C. Sproul, and John Gerstner devistates them with one broad, sweeping stroke. I don't expect Captain Sensible, Gortexgirl, or Debbie Maken to listen to this. It does not have anything to do with marriage, but it provides a solid theological foundation to point out that, while man certainly can and does pursue marriage, it is ultimately God who will decide when their search will be successful. Of course, this is fatal to their position, because it means that men and women cannot ultimately decide when they are going to marry. That is up to God. Thus, anyone who loathes singleness, and thus goes against what God has said just because he has not given them what they want is engaging in idolatry.

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