Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Captain Sensible...Blinded by Tradition

I came across this post on monday, and found it very ironic:

"You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!"

Captain Sensible writes: Hmm, ignoring the creation mandate to be fruitful and multiply, in favour of following our culture's pattern of extended singleness? Jesus' words here in Mark 7:9 seem particularly apt...

She says we are "ignoring the creation mandate." I have pointed out to this woman time and time again that all of these imperatives are right next to each other. Whatever the referent is for one imperative, you must take them for all imperatives. Thus if an individual is under the command to "be fruitful and multiply," then he is also under the command to father/give birth to seven billion children as an individual, and thus, "fill the earth." If the command is for an individual to "Be fruitful and multiply," then the command to "fill the earth" is also for an individual. [ Of course, there is also no dealing with the covenantal nature of this text. There is no mention that this text is repeated in the Noahic covenant, the several places in the covenant with Abraham's descendants, and no mention of the septuagintal vocabulary used by Luke in the book of Acts.]

The funny thing is that it is Captain Sensible that is blinded by her tradition. Let me ask: Why it is that Captain Sensible still refuses to read this text in context? Why is it that her interpretation makes nonsense out of this passage? Why is it she refuses to respond to anyone who disagrees with her, and, in fact, is trying to stop people from hearing what the other side has to say? Why is it she has this strange idea that Boundless should never publish comments in their blog contrary to her position? Why is it that she has comment moderation up on her blog, and I never see any comments of people who oppose her position? Why is it that she adds a sin that the Bible does not teach, namely, "protracted singleness," and thus denies the sufficiency of the scriptures? It sounds to me like this woman is the one who is blinded by tradition. She wants a spouse so bad that she feels free to misuse the text of the Bible, hide the fact that she cannot answer criticism, and try to prevent anyone else from hearing the other side.

Again, I ask the reader, who is really nullifying the commandments of God for the sake of their traditions?

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