Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polygamy and Homosexuality on Iron Sharpens Iron

Chris Arnzen is a radio talk show host in the New York metropolitan area who I listen to every once in a while. One of the odd things about his program is that, in his Mp3's he always has about a minute of music before the program starts. So, if you are listening to the programs, and you happen to get music at the beginning, don't worry, you do have the correct file.

Two of his programs really caught my attention. The first is an interview with Irene Spencer, author of the book Shattered Dreams, My Life as a Polygamist Wife. What she says in this interview is just absolutely disgusting. If there is any doubt that polygamy and conservative Mormon sects are degrading to the institution of marriage. This program should leave no doubt. The things this woman had to put up with are things no woman should have to put up with. She is absolutely right. This is abuse of women par excellence!

However, homosexuality is something that is definitely a competitor to how badly marriage is being degraded in the Mormon cults. One of our OPC pastors, Chuck McIlhenny, had a very interesting story to tell when he was interviewed by Chris Arnzen. You will just be amazed that, after all that this man went through, he still stayed in the same area to minister the gospel.

Also, Dr. James White had an excellent program on his show The Dividing Line on the California court decision making Homosexual marriage a civil rights issue, and legalizing "same sex marriage." What he says is right on as far as application to God's law, and our need to speak out against this stuff before it is illegal to hold the Biblical position on homosexuality.

This is what it means to degrade marriage. We need to keep these things in mind when we are accused of "degrading marriage" and "abusing women" by the radicals of the Mandatory Marriage Movement. These programs lay out what true abuse of women and degradation of marriage is in a way that makes the issue with the mandatory marriage radicals almost seem inconsequential. You will be amazed that the connection is even made.

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RedKnight said...

I'm sure that it will never be illegal to express negative views on homosexuality. Look at anti-semitism. It is illegal to commit "hate crimes" against Jews. Yet neo-nazi organisations still are allowed to openly operate with impunity. If anyone harms and/or harrasses someone based upon sexual orientation, they deserve to be prosecuted. I personally feel that spousal abuse is charectoristic of the patriarchial nature, not just polygamy. A man can have many wives, and treat them fairly. And have one wife and treat her cruelly.