Friday, October 03, 2008

Dr. Robert Morey on the Gullability of the Modern Church

While I don't agree with everything Dr. Robert Morey posted in this post, I loved the lecture he posted in it! Just click on the link, scroll down, and click on the play button just to the left of the bold words "Length of audio: 43:10." As it says, it is just over 43 minutes long, so, make sure you have enough time to listen to it!

Anyway, I wanted to post the link to this lecture because it so applies to a lot of new fads on relationships that have come out today. Dr. Morey's discussion of gullability is exactly what comes to mind when I think of how the mandatory marriage movement has gotten to the position that it has simply because a few respected people like Albert Mohler started supporting it. This is a message a whole lot of Christian singles need to hear who just gulp down every new relationships fad that comes along.

It is also entertaining, as Dr. Morey is a very funny speaker. He speaks in such a way that it hits the nail on the head about churches today who say that we shouldn't think, we shouldn't engage in Biblical Exegesis, and we shouldn't study systematic theology; we should just simply "live." Dr. Morey's message is so needed in the church today, and is also important as we are dealing with these issues.


RedKnight said...

I guess that Robert Morey shoould know all about gullibility, since he's taken advantage of it himself.

PuritanCalvinist said...

Hey redknight,

Ya, I don't support Robert Morey on everything. He definitely has some strange beliefs. However, I thought this lecture hit the nail on the head as far as the state of the modern church.

However, you are right, Dr. Morey does not always use the best argumentation in his presentations.

God Bless,

Paul said...


I thought you and your readers might like to read this debate that just concluded at Theology Online: "Is it Immoral to Vote for McCain/Palin?"