Friday, December 12, 2008


I think I can just let this story speak for itself. I mean, how can you have a "girlfriend," who not even human? [If he wanted to argue that it was human, that would be a major redefinition of the term.] How can you have a girlfriend who is not even, in fact, a girl? All of this is utter nonsense. It is amazing to me to think that we may not only have gay rights, but we may have to be dealing with a man claiming rights to marry his machine.

All the more reason why God gets to set the standards for relationships and marriage. They are only to be between one man and one woman.


Anakin Niceguy said...


I think our culture's deference to female narcissism will drive many men to these robots (if these robots continue to become disturbingly realistic), just as our anti-male culture now drives lonely men to online porn. Sin begets sin.

RedKnight said...

This story reminds me of the sitcom "Small Wonder". First "Vicki", and now "Aiko". Once again life imitates art.