Saturday, June 10, 2006

EPA Keeps Things Physically Clean...But Supports Moral Pollution
I heard the most bizzare thing today. The EPA has actually been a sponsor of something called "gay pride month" which is supposed to be in the month of June. Here is a notice I tracked down from 2002 which shows this bizzare fact. I can't figure out which is more bizzare. A government agency that is supposed to make sure the air and water are clean now dealing with social activism, or their support of physical and not moral purity. I wonder if the Christians can get the FBI to support a march on Washington in which we protest gay activism? Better yet, It would not be much of a suprise if the abortion rights group got the FBI to support a march on Washington for the so called "right to choose." Then you really would have a contradiction. An agency which is supposed to protect innocent people from getting killed promoting a rally for a social activist group that is supposed to kill innocent people.

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