Friday, June 09, 2006

The Laziness of Modern Pastors and Theology Students
I have just read an excellent blog article by Steve Camp, who is a strong supporter of the Reformed Baptist scholar James White. In this article, he expresses many of the concerns I have for modern ministers and theological students. Most of them are just getting purely lazy. It is more important to be doing what is "hip" in the world of pop Christianity than to be concerned for truth. There are even students who are studying to be pastors who have got caught cheating on exams. Some people would rather go to a party saturday night than take seriously the fact that they will be teaching and ministering the very word of almighty God. Because of this, when they finally do become ministers, it has already became so bad that they seem to never preach the word of God. So, kudos to Steve Camp for addressing that in such a great little article.

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