Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Few Odds and Ends

I wanted to let everyone know that Dr. Daniel B. Wallace debated Dr. Bart Ehrman at the Greer-Heard Point/Counterpoint forum. Dr. Wallace is no slouch. He is one of the top experts in New Testament Greek in the world. On top of that, he is also an evangelical. I cannot wait to hear the audio of this discussion. Bart Ehrman is quoted by just about all enemies of the faith, but rarely does he come up against someone who knows the issue like Dr. Wallace does. He has written a Greek Grammar, and has written many articles on issues of exegesis and textual criticism of the New Testament.

In fact, Dr. Wallace runs the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. Their main purpose is to go around the world, and take high quality digital photographs of all the major New Testament Manuscripts. Just take a look at the detail on this photograph of Codex Sinaiticus. The reason for this is that, as these manuscripts get older, they start to decay. Having these high quality photographs enable us to study them long after they have decayed.

Also, Dr. James White recently debated a Muslim by the name of Jalal Abualrub. Here are some clips from the debate. The topic was whether the New Testament teaches the Diety of Christ. Some of the argumentation of Abualrub mimics arguments of Jehovah's Witnesses. That is really interesting considering Muslims would be up in arms if we tried to use arguments from Muslim cults. Either way, I appreiciate the work that James White is doing on Islam. I only wish more reformed Christians would engage Muslims in dialogue.

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